Best Dyson Vacuum for Pet Owners

Pets make our lives happier and our families feel whole. Our furry family members also come with a fair amount of shedding and a little extra dirt, dust and pollen from outside our homes. Luckily, Dyson manufactures great vacuums to help make the extra housecleaning duties a little easier to handle. Here is a quick look at the best Dyson vacuum for pet owners: Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Let’s Talk About Suction and Power

A good vacuum has a number of features, but most of us look at the power and overall strength of suction when we’re considering whether to buy. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum has both.

At 11.67 amperes, there is plenty of power to start and finish any job you need. From a small dust spill, to a muddy pooch coming into the house in the middle of a winter storm, the motor on the Animal 2 has the power to handle any job. Of course, having power is great, but it is really great when that power is harnessed and put to its best use.

That’s why we also pay attention to the seal the vacuum can get on any surface in order to maximize the power and increase efficiency. It maximizes seal and suction with an adjustable head that adapts to different surfaces. Instead of having to adjust the height of the head yourself, you can just focus on the job of getting your home clean.

Cleaning Up After You Already Cleaned Up?

Nothing is worse than having a mess on your hands when it is time to clean the same tools you just used to clean your home. A bag free design makes dumping dust and pet hair a breeze. Simply remove the reservoir and press a button in order to dump all of that dirt, pet hair and grime. A HEPA filter is easy to remove and also prevents dirt and dust from cycling back into the air.

In addition to an easy to clean reservoir and effective HEPA filter, the Animal 2 also comes with a tangle free turbine to ensure that you can get your vacuuming done so you can go back to enjoying your pets in no time at all. Most other vacuums have a turbine that spins in one direction, eventually pulling hair in and causing tangles that affect suction and the effectiveness of the vacuum.

The Animal 2 has counter-rotating that pull dirt, hair and other debris from carpets, upholstery and other surfaces without causing tangles and clogs.

Other Great Features

This vacuum doesn’t just come with great filtration, a great filtration system or a tangle free turbine system; it also has the features we all expect out of a great vacuum.

Some of these features are the ball technology to lower the center of gravity and make the vacuum easier to maneuver, an instant release wand with a flexible cord for versatile cleaning, and a number of tools for stairs and different surfaces.


At this price point, and with these features, the Dyson Animal 2 is the best Dyson vacuum for pet owners. It has more power while self adjusting and providing better suction than any other vacuum in this price range.

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