Dyson DC39 Animal Review

Dyson DC39 Animal is a model made with special modifications for pet hair. This model is ideal for pet owners who want to get their pet’s hair off carpets and floors, and people with pet allergies.

Regular canister vacuums tend to get clogged with debris which might cause the motor to burn out. The DC39, on the other hand, comes with a special post motor filter that traps pet hair and dander. Its tangle-free capabilities make it ideal for the purpose it is meant for.

The DC39 does not, like regular vacuums, rely on a dust bag to trap dirt. Dust bags greatly reduce efficiency, since they can get clogged up with dust particles, and have restricted airflow. Instead of bags, Dyson vacuums use cyclone technology to directly fling the dust into the bin. This technology aids in capturing more microscopic dust particles than any other with no loss of suction.

With cyclone technology, the dirty air is drawn in by a fan, and directed into a bin. This air spins around rapidly, creating a great centrifugal force, and the heavy dust particles spin out of the circulating air and settle down at the bottom of the bin. At the same time, the hair is held back from entering the second cylinder by filters. The air then continues into a conical cylinder, increasing the force. Here, the smaller particles are spun out and settle down at the bottom of the bin.

The Dyson vacuum also uses Radial Root Cyclone technology, using which the airflow is remodeled to maximize suction power. The double chamber technology serves to keep dust from being blown back into the room.

There are many tools that it comes equipped with, such as the triggerhead tool and the stair tool. The Triggerhead tool has a spinning brush head that is meant for carpets, and can be turned off at the handle. This means there isn’t any need to bend down while switching from carpets to hard floors. The stair tool is basically a smaller vacuum which can be used for nooks and crannies. The vacuum comes with a roller covered in soft woven nylon to trap large debris, while anti-static carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust.

The canister of this vacuum must be emptied at a higher frequency than regular vacuums, owing to the smaller size. However, this is a hassle free process that can be completed with the simple push of a button. The ball technology provides great maneuverability, and the length of the wand and brush may be easily adjusted.

Some factors to look out for as an owner of this vacuum are that the filters are a bit of a hassle to clean out, and the device does not come with separate attachments for hardwood floors. The instruction guide is reported to be difficult to understand, however, there are many youtube tutorials on how to use this vacuum effectively.

All in all, the Dyson DC39 is highly effective and efficient for people with pets, and while it may dig into your pocket a little, it is a good find indeed.