Dyson DC59 Animal Review

Do you need more freedom without compromise? Cordless vacuums have come to save the day! They give you more freedom for cleaning without worrying if the cord will reach the mess. With powerful motors and better batteries, cordless vacuum cleaners are more efficient than ever. They are more than capable in tackling hard to reach areas while keeping your house clean. A cordless vacuum will definitely be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. However, it is a bit of a hassle in choosing the best one for you considering the numerous brands available in the market today. Lucky for you! We have reviewed Dyson’s DC59 Animal that combines both functionality and high performance.

The DC59 is a revamped model with an innovative design constructed to clean hard floors. This cordless vacuum aims to ensure high cleaning performance in a more portable and small design free from cords. This machine has a 26-minute battery life giving you a longer cleaning time. It only takes 3.5 hours to charge up fully. If this isn’t enough, this vacuum is light enough in such a way that people use it single- handed. This invention features a long arm that ensures you can easily access hard to reach areas. What’s the best part? You get value for your money!

Additionally, it comprises of 2 radical cyclones. The cyclones help in filtering out even the finest particles restricting them from exiting the vacuum from the exhaust. Its motorized tool is made of a carbon fiber that is wider than other models made by the company. It’s no doubt that this machine comprises a powerful motor that can produce 100 air watts when set on boost mode. This is hands down nearly close to the power range of corded vacuums.

The Dyson DC59 has a large dirt bin as compared to the other models. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about removing the dirt bin then the filter. This machine saves a lot of time as you can easily remove the filter without tampering with the dirt bin. It is multi-functional because it is fitted with two different floor attachments that enable you to clean carpets, hardwood, tiles, linoleum, among other surfaces. It has an added bonus as if you have a pet; it easily suctions hairballs and cat litter.

This machine is ergonomically constructed to fit almost any adult hand. It has an efficient weight distribution that makes sure that all the weight is balanced on the hand and makes efficient cleaning. It ensures that you can get around your cleaning areas without hassle. The cordless vacuum is more silent as compared to others. It even beats the canister model. You get a quieter ride with a great cleaning experience.

By far we all know that a vacuum cleaner should be easy to clean and maintain. The Dyson DC59 is constructed with a transparent dust canister that makes it easy to see if it needs emptying. You can take the different parts out for cleaning. If you are looking for an improvement in your cleaning experience, it has a high technology compares to other cordless vacuums.