Top Vacuum Attachments for Cleaning Pet Hair

Having a pet at home is a pleasure except for the fact that you have to deal with pet hair; everywhere and every day. You need a good quality vacuum cleaner to help you get rid of the hair around the house.

Are you looking for a less tedious option to aid in removing pet hair? You need not buy an entirely new pet vacuum cleaner. Get a vacuum attachment especially designed to clean hair.

Keeping your house clean and free from allergens is certainly a top priority for pet owners. You need a sturdy vacuum attachment to get rid of even the big fur balls without any extra cleaning time and effort.

Why you need to buy a vacuum attachment:

A quality attachment for pet hair removal makes your life so much easier in the following ways:

  • It is compatible with various brands of vacuum cleaners.
  • It picks up fur, dust and other allergens that may be brought into your house by your pet.
  • Removes hair from virtually any place it may be lodged within your house.
  • Is gentle enough to avoid damaging furniture and soft fabrics.
  • Powerful enough to pick up fur quickly and is thus less tedious to work with.

When looking around for suitable options, we found some of the best ones available for you.

Eureka Power Paw

The Eureka Power Paw vacuum attachment is designed to get rid of hair efficiently in any part of the house. It has two parts to help clean fur including the plastic paws to detach hair from any surface; and the brush roll that sweeps the hair off. Highly versatile, the Power Paw fits in most vacuum cleaners.

Nothing beats a combination of efficiency and a good bargain at just under $20.

Bissel Petpack

Adaptable to most brands, the Bissel PetPack cleans even the most stubborn areas where hair gets stuck. It has two unique features that include the Pet Contour Tool to suck out the hair; and the Turbo Brush to help wipe out the hair in quick motion.

This is the ideal vacuum attachment that will have you cleaning out all the hair in record time.

Dyson Turbine

Did you ever imagine that it is possible to cut your cleaning time by half? It certainly is, with the Dyson Turbine attachment. However, this attachment can only be used on Dyson vacuum cleaners.

As the name suggests, this attachment uses the turbine mechanism to yourself of pesky hair from various surfaces within your home. It works by the rotation of its heads that are fitted with brushes, to detach the hair and have it sucked into the vacuum.

Vacuum cleaner attachments for removing pet hair are a much more convenient and cheaper option as opposed to getting entire vacuums designed specifically for the job. The greatest advantage is the ability to purchase an attachment that you can use with your good old vacuum cleaner. Thinking about hair on the carpet, upholstery, your bed or any part of your house need not be stressful anymore!

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